URGENT NEWS: Calling all NOAH coin holders to swap their old tokens with NEW ones!

Attention, all NOAH coin holders!

This is a call for you to send in your NOAH coins to the BTCNEXT exchange for swapping. If you fail to do so, you will lose your NOAH coins and in the process lose the opportunity to be part of one of the most exciting projects with tremendous potential. Swap your old tokens with new ones and enjoy the benefits.

The NOAH has always endeavored to break new grounds by utilizing the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.

One of the core projects in the NOAH LAB is developing a fast and secure remittance system using called. “NOAH` Q DAO Stable Coins”. Cross Border remittances based on Q DAO StableCoins will be almost free and very fast. Also, Q DAO StableCoins will be used by traders and crypto-exchanges in replace other stable coins (such as Tether “USDT” – which has a dubious reputation among the traders)

So now, staying true to its vision, NOAH has created its very own NOAH blockchain that will serve as the backbone for all its services.

The NEW NOAH blockchain will fully support WEB 3.0 protocols and based on the concept “Internet of Money”. These technologies will help NOAH in creating a true financial borderless world.

New Noah Blockchain will have the option to interact with other blockchains such as ETHEREUM, LIBRA (Facebook blockchain), TON (Telegram Open Network Blockchain) and many others!

Transitioning to the NOAH blockchain will mean that it will now have new NOAH coins – with more and better features as well as usability. This only means great news for all NOAH coin holders, the community that has supported us throughout our project lifecycle. We are offering all holders of NOAH coins to swap their old coins with the new NOAH coins.

How to swap tokens?

You will have to complete the swapping process on BTCNEXT Exchange (https://www.btcnext.io/), the next-gen cryptocurrency exchange fully belongs to NOAH. BTCNEXT Exchange has been developed by our official partner Platinum Engineering. BTCNEXT is an extremely secure cryptocurrency exchange that is built by experts. It makes trading a breeze and swapping your old NOAH coins for the new ones will be easy too.

1. Register at https://my.btcnext.io/registration

2. On the “Wallet” page, you will see NOAH token. From June 12 till August 31, 2019, you will be able to deposit your old NOAH tokens to this wallet.

(in case we will get many inquiries to extend token swap >> we will consider extending. Please follow the official announcements)

3. Once deposited, this change will be reflected in your NOAH wallet.

4. When you receive your brand new NOAH coins, you will notice that new “B coins” will be present in your wallet. These are the new NOAH coins with advanced features.

5. Please remember that if you do not complete this swap, you will be left with the old NOAH coins that will hold no value post the date when the new NOAH coins will be released. So do not let your investment go to waste and get your new NOAH coins today!

During the ICO and the earlier part of the inception of the NOAH project, many members received additional NOAH coins as interest or dividends. Please take into account – in the future, all dividends will be paid in the NEW NOAH coins.

Get additional benefits from BTCNEXT Exchange

There is also a special bonus waiting for you from BTCNEXT, it is offering you bonus NOAH coins if you buy and hold BNX coins (BTCNEXT coin). To be eligible to get bonus NOAH coins, you need to deposit your old NOAH coins to your BTCNEXT wallet and not withdraw them until the end of the token swap. Then you need to buy BNX coins from BTCNEXT exchange and hold them until the end of the NOAH token swap. However, if between the token swap period you buy or sell even a single BNX at the exchange, you won’t be eligible for this bonus.

The more BNX coins you hold, the more new NOAH coins you will receive. For 1000 BNX, you get 1% extra new NOAH coins added to the total amount of old coins you hold, for 10,000 BNX, you get 5% extra new NOAH coins, for 100,000 BNX, you get 10% extra new NOAH coins and for 1,000,000 BNX, you get 20% extra new NOAH coins.

Once the token swap is done, you will receive the new NOAH coins in lieu of your old coins plus the extra NOAH coins, depending upon the amount of BNX that you hold. You will find that holding BNX coins will also give you many different exciting benefits, like buying blockchain courses from the BTCNEXT Academy, using BNX to participate in exciting offers, airdrops and lotteries, and much much more! Paying fees with BNX, the owners receive a considerable discount that can be up to 50%. The exchange team has developed a unique bonus system for large traders called angels. The BNX owners will receive a certain amount of tokens every week, have increased chances to win in different lotteries, get airdrop coins, be informed about any upcoming IEOs, and much more!

Apart from ordinary tokens, BTCNEXT (https://www.btcnext.io) offers the users to acquaint themselves with the family of NOAH`Q DAO stablecoins (https://usdq.platinum.fund/) pegged to the largest fiat currencies and backed by Bitcoin. USDQ (USD-pegged) and KRWQ (Korean Won-pegged) stablecoins, as well as the utility token “Q DAO”, are now available on the platform. Q DAO Governance tokens are used to adjust the deposit collateralization levels, pay back the fees accrued by the BTC deposits that generate these stablecoins. This governance token also allows holders to participate in the voting concerning hedging the risks within the system and adjusting it to the reality of the BTC market at any given time.

Platinum Engineering as a general tech partner for NOAH Blockchain, NOAH` Q DAO Stable Coins and BTCNEXT Exchange

Our great partners and friends – high-level tech experts and blockchain enthusiasts at Platinum Engineering have created the new, faster, secure NOAH blockchain. This new blockchain provides added features that are apt for the services that we currently offer. We are sure that this new platform will help us provide even better services to our valued customers and supporters of our ambitious project.

Another exciting product that is being developed by Platinum on the NOAH blockchain is the “Q DAO” stablecoin ecosystem (https://usdq.platinum.fund/) that includes a variety of cryptocurrencies that are pegged to global fiat currencies like US Dollar “USDQ” and Korean Won “KRWQ”. The company also plans to release many stablecoins pegged to other currencies like Japanese Yen, Chinese Renminbi, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Philippine Peso. “USDQ” and “KRWQ” are already being received with a lot of enthusiasm by the crypto community due to the fact that they address all the major issues faced by current stablecoins. The true decentralization behind the working of the entire ecosystem and complete transparency makes it an exciting prospect.

We are committed to delight you!

Please remember that after the swap date is gone, all old NOAH tokens will be worthless, because we will have shifted to our new blockchain. So to protect your investment and to be part of the NOAH project that promises to bring even bigger development news in the future, send your NOAH coins to BTCNEXT ( https://www.btcnext.io ) today. After you’ve sent your tokens – JUST WAIT. The swap process will be completed right after NEW NOAH Blockchain MAIN NET will be started

We thank you for your continued support and we invite you to register on BTCNEXT https://www.btcnext.io to try out its next-gen features and also to swap your old NOAH tokens for the new ones. We look forward to your support as we march towards our commitment to creating a borderless world powered by the blockchain technology.

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