Platinum Q DAO Engineering announces: The Q DAO ecosystem is migrating to NOAH blockchain!

Platinum Q DAO Engineering team has a very special technical announcement about the future focus of the Q DAO ecosystem development. The Q DAO ecosystem is to migrate to NOAH blockchain! Historically, the Q DAO ecosystem was always designed to be a part of a larger Noah financial ecosystem. For those who aren’t familiar with Noah, let’s make a small review on it.

NOAH is a blockchain 3.0 and totally supports the internet-of-money idea. It has the main purpose to serve for borderless payments and decentralized applications. Initially, it operated in Japan and the Philippines, but now it’s expanding globally, to operate worldwide. Its main features include a tremendous speed — 10,000 tps that allow handling any load, support of sidechains and smart contracts. Noah blockchain includes multiple layers for end-users, Web 3.0 browsers, remittances, stablecoins, dApps, and many others. Also, it allows to easily create new tokens on its blockchain, setting rules for issuance and circulation for each token.

What role is dedicated to Q DAO in this ecosystem? One of the most important roles! Q DAO stablecoins, along with the NOAH core token, should be used for cross-border remittances. The remittance market is a giant one, and it’s still very outdated. Workers in the Asian region, who work in more developed countries, such as China or Japan, and send money to their families still have to pay a large commission. The solution by Noah foundation allows cutting these fees by using blockchain technologies. And the Q DAO stablecoins, pegged to the region’s currencies, will be serving a reliable store of value during transactions.

“Our Platinum Q DAO Engineering Team is currently working on creating a new version of the Q DAO ecosystem, running on NOAH blockchain. That doesn’t mean that we’re dropping the ERC20 version, not at all. All tokens that work on Ethereum, including Q DAO, USDQ, JPYQ, KRWQ will be also working on NOAH, and the two versions will be running simultaneously. If we would decide to move completely to NOAH, all currently issued tokens will be swapped to the new blockchain, including those sold to investors and frozen for 20 months in the smart contracts. There’s no need to worry about it. Also, all other coins, that will be developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering in the future, are going to be launched on NOAH blockchain, including the BNX token for the BTCNEXT exchange”, Anton Dzyatkovskii, the blockchain architect lead and сo-founder of Platinum Q DAO Engineering.

This migration to a new blockchain will allow us to broaden horizons and become a part of a large financial ecosystem, being developed by Noah Foundation, which owns the Q DAO products. Noah project is aimed to improve various financial segments such as remittance, B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Client) payments, and Q DAO is slowly becoming one of the most crucial pieces of this global goal. It’s beneficial not only for Noah Foundation but also for all token holders because it’s the real use case. The more popular the Noah Blockchain becomes, the more volume the Q DAO ecosystem will get, thus the Q DAO token holders will receive more fees from transactions. So, we’re ready to step into the future, we continue to develop our products, and we hope you’re ready to go with us!

About Platinum Q DAO Engineering

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is an international full-cycle company that provides IEO/STO listing, advisory, marketing, legal, and tech services. The company helped to raise more than USD 200 million for a great number of projects. Platinum Q DAO Engineering employs over 100 specialists who have extensive experience in marketing and PR, management, consulting, programming, cyber-security, education, legal advisory, and much more! The company’s mission is to make people’s lives better and facilitate economic growth by developing cutting-edge products that provide trustworthy, safe, and seamless access to any virtual assets.

The company has already issued two stablecoins: USDQ pegged to US dollar and KRWQ pegged to Korean Won. The team is going to launch even more fully backed stablecoins: JPYQ, SGDQ, HKDQ, and CNYQ under the Q DAO brand. Fully anonymous, the Q DAO ecosystem stablecoins limit out of this legacy world. The IEO and OTC rounds showed that Q DAO, USDQ, and KRWQ tokens are in high demand now. Platinum Q DAO Engineering team is confident that their price will boost since big investors and whales are interested in them. Since there is a limited supply of Q DAO tokens in the market, the price and demand are expected to grow. Platinum Q DAO Engineering cooperates with top exchanges and crypto experts all over the world, which allows the team to build an effective ecosystem.

Visit the website for the latest updates on USDQ, KRWQ, and JPYQ. Join the official Telegram chat and get regular updates on events and development. You can also join the official Line OpenChat to ask questions in Japanese directly to the Platinum Q DAO management team.

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BTCNEXT exchange, the next generation spot and margin-trading platform, has been developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering. For more information, visit the exchange’s official website and follow it on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Medium, and LinkedIn.

About Anton Dziatkovskii

Anton Dziatkovskii is the blockchain architect lead of Platinum Q DAO Engineering, a passionate entrepreneur and a skilled negotiator. He is a hardworking business leader with more than 13 years of experience in different positions in FinTech, Retail, and E-Commerce. Experienced in expanding financial businesses to new markets. Moreover, Anton is also a co-founder of Platinum Q DAO Engineering, where he has helped to develop USDQ, JPYQ, and KRWQ, the fully decentralized stable coins that simplify Bitcoin collateralization. is an international STO/IEO/ICO/POST ICO consulting, promotion and fundraising company.