New Details on NOAH.Platinum launch and distribution.

Dear Noah community!

This is an official announcement from the Noah Foundation.

The Noah Foundation does appreciate your support. Without your activities and help, we can not create amazing future that we are aiming to build.

Our mutual ultimate goal is to build a great ecosystem powered by new NOAH.Platinum coin. The new Noah Blockchain is endeavored to break new grounds by utilizing the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology to solve real-world problems, and the team stays true to its vision. We want to give a shift to the emerging crypto future and help millions of people to embrace its essence today.

As you know, the Noah Foundation has been spending huge resources on the project, solving issues that we didn’t predict to happen. And for some reasons, we cannot name all the problems that we had to face. We have to admit, that we have overestimated ourselves and we have chosen too complex and ambitious goals to achieve. Furthermore, we have planned to make it on our own in the near future. Our fascinating project is associated with many political and technical issues. We spend a lot of time on making agreements, finding international partners, looking for legal solutions etc. Unfortunately, not all issues can be resolved quickly, but we are steadily moving forward. A great company should admit its mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. So do we.

Previously, we didn’t work efficiently enough as we were out of focus. We were not able to pay more attention to all elements of our huge ecosystem as we had too many tasks at the same time.

As for now, we realize that everyone should do what he knows best and sometimes we all need professional partners to delegate some tasks to have the best result. We are experts in real estate development and government relationship but not in blockchain technologies.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering to rely on.

We decided to find and invite professionals to develop a blockchain part and a strong token economy. Fortunately, we have been working with Platinum Q DAO Engineering for international marketing for some time.

Platinum engineers have kindly agreed to develop the Noah blockchain for us which is based on a sustainable economic model. We do appreciate their decision to join us.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering team works very closely with economics professors who will contribute to the development of a strong economy model of the Noah ecosystem. With the help of Platinum Engineers who will be developing the blockchain and token economy, we will continue to work on the project.

Noah turned out to be a very complex project, but we promise you to show the results in 2023–2025. Platinum Q DAO Engineering will help us to achieve this goal. So it becomes common for both teams — the Noah Foundation and Platinum Q DAO Engineering.

We have already invested enough resources in the Noah project and we are not going to take resources from the Noah ecosystem anymore. All funds of the ecosystem will be controlled on the basis of honest and equal blockchain voting.

Platinum Engineers will provide all the necessary infrastructure for this matter. We hope that our respected Noah community will welcome Platinum Q DAO Engineering and support us in our decision to make it our major partner. Moreover, they will have a right to vote and thus risks its own steaks and bears full responsibility for the process.

The motivation for Platinum engineers, the Noah Blockchain developers.

From October 1, the Noah project starts to a new independent life based on decentralized governance, and Noah Foundation will be an equal member of the Noah community as all other members.

After long negotiations, we have convinced the Platinum Q DAO Engineering to agree to focus at least 80% of its team on the development of the Noah ecosystem.

Our strongest desire is to watch the Noah blockchain in the top 20 world blockchains in the upcoming year, and only Platinum Q DAO Engineers can help us with this. Therefore, we insist on allocating a 25–35% stake to Platinum to motivate the team. What for? In any startup like Twitter, Uber, or Airbnb those engineers who develop the product are given shares in the company. And we believe that we are obliged to give a share in the Noah Blockchain to the Platinum team.

We do have reasons to believe that the future of the Noah blockchain depends on the Platinum Q DAO Engineers. If the Platinum team has a significant share in the Noah blockchain, we can be sure that they have sufficient motivation to bring our project to the TOP-20 in the world.

In case the Platinum Q DAO Engineering will be presented as an equal member of the Noah blockchain and obey all decisions made in the ecosystem, it will create the best win-win solution for the Noah Community and for the future of the ecosystem.

As we see the old Noah token has seriously fallen. Why did it happen? The first reason is the fact that it fell into the hands of speculators and greedy exchanges. The second reason is the absence of real use cases for Noah coins.

The current task of Platinum Q DAO Engineering is to create a blockchain where any community member is able to create its own asset, a coin, in 1 minute without the need for technical skills. All coins will be backed by the main ecosystem currency, NOAH.Platinum coin, and will have liquidity inside the new Noah blockchain.

NOAH.Platinum token distribution:

Noah token swap is still in progress, and we are pleased to share the preliminary plan and terms of “NOAH.platinum” token distribution. The discussion is still in progress though and final allocation details to be announced as soon as possible.

Total supply of NOAH.Platinum tokens will include current circulating supply, Platinum Engineers shares, as well as reserve funds.

Circulating supply is to be distributed between NOAH coins holders who have participated in the token swap. The Noah Foundation still keeps a small portion of coins and will swap their old NOAH to new NOAH.Platinum coins.

Additional tokens will be generated and issued for Platinum QDAO Engineering.

It is important to say that tokens distributed to Platinum will be used as a motivation for Engineers to create the entire Noah ecosystem and participate in the ecosystem governance as well as the voting process. Of course, these tokens will be also under control of decentralized governance and will follow the same equal rules as any other coins.

Reserve funds are needed to compete with other market players, introduce new marketing tools, attract more community members, and have the technical ability to support new projects that will be included in the Noah ecosystem. In particular, tokens will be used for:

  • Liquidity support
  • Community growth
  • Bounty programs
  • Referral activities
  • POI (proof of importance) activities
  • Dividends

We hope that you will support us in our decisions and plans as well as share our excitement! Please, welcome Platinum Engineers and let’s make it a full community member with equal rights and responsibilities in order to continue moving forward towards our common goals! The Noah Project is a king! is an international STO/IEO/ICO/POST ICO consulting, promotion and fundraising company.